Friday, July 1, 2011

Maine day 2

Aaah nothing like waking on a beautiful day and taking the dog for a walk around a campground. Specially a campground right on the ocean with views like this.

Maxwell my dog seems to really like campgrounds, no mystery it is probably the smell of hundreds of people's meals.

Fridays are my work at home day and since I was low on vacation days I didn't take it off. The campground had WiFi but it proved to be horrible slow and at times I believe hacked into. As a second resort I signed up for tethering and used my iPhone and AT&T 3G for the internet. It actually faster and a lot more reliable than the WiFi at the campground.

It hardly seemed like working sitting outside under the trailers awning typing away.

After a half day of work we went into Bar Harbor for some lunch and a walk. We've been here before so we hit some of the places we liked before and checked out some new places.

Then is was back to work for a little while.

Airstream Log:  This trip 248 miles and 1 nights .  Lifetime 774 miles and 4 nights

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