Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our home for the month of April

After a few more days in GA we finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale where we will spending April.

Our campground which is mostly french canadians (Although it is 1/2 empty as the season is really over) is pretty nice. Considering how close it is to Fort Lauderdale. It has a nice pool and lots of palm trees.
 Also it is a 3 minute drive from the local dog park, and actually you can walk all the way there too (When it isn't too hot anyway).

It isn't the biggest dog park we've seen on this trip but it has a good amount of dogs coming and going.

It actually is across the street from a very nice wooded campground that it would be nice to stay in. It doesn't have pool or lots of amenities but it has a lot more shade and is more natural than where we are staying.

Here we are all settled in our spot for the month, on the plus side it is a corner lot and there are no sites on the other side of the road from us. On the negative it has no shade. As it turns out this ends up being a very hot April and we have a hard time keeping as cool as we would like to. 

More shade would have been nice but neighbors might have been more trouble than being a little warm.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jekyll Island, GA

Although we are primarily high-tailing it to Florida on this trip we did take a few days to visit Jekyll Island.

There wasn't much choice of campgrounds and it isnt the nicest but at least it is shady and near the beach. 

We hiked to this cool stretch of beach.

Also on the island is a big resort complex that is built around some old homes that were of an old club for rich families to come hunt and have a vacation.

We also visited the turtle center on the island. Turtles are studies and injured turtles are rehabilitated here before being returned to the wild.
In the center you can actually watch them do exams on the turtles it was pretty cool.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day of Tucker!

With a nice short days drive we had plenty of time to detour a bit and stop for iced coffee and Tucker's first time at a beach!

We stopped here in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, it was early for the season but still managed to find something open to get our coffee.
We are staying in a great campground that is part of James Island County Park in Charleston SC. It has an amazing dog park that is itself and Island.  Tucker had a great time playing keep away with a dog toy.
Too bad we are only here one night because it is so nice to walk from the campsite to the dog park for Tucker's exercise.

Next stop we are staying a few nights so that will be nice after a few one nighters in a row.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Around Kinston, NC

We woke up and took Tucker for a nice walk around town.  It was a saturday morning and really quiet around town.

 It is a pretty cute town with a lot of old buildings.
The restaurant and a second establishment that the same chef opened seems to be adding some life back to the downtown.
 Still there were a lot of empty store fronts.

We tooks a quick tour of this old boat/warship before heading off. We don't have long drive today which is a welcome change from the long days we had to do to get here.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Chef and the Farmer

After another long day of driving (about 415 miles) we made it to Kinston NC which is a really small rural town. But it is our destination and the location of the restaurant we planned to eat at.

We had been watching a PBS show based on the story of the Chef who moved back to her hometome to open a restaurant. You can try to catch it on PBS or buy the DVD
Chef's Life: Season 1

The restaurant is called Chef and the Farmer, and it was great, we didn't take pictures of our food for once and just ate dinner and enjoyed it.

Kinston, NC doesn't have a Walmart or at least it wasn't too close by but the nice people at the restaurant said to just sleed in their parking lot that no one would care and that is what we did. It was a good idea because it will let us walk around and checkout the town a little in the morning.

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time for another trip!

It is spring again finally and that means it is time for a trailer trip.

And now we have a new dog Tucker! We've only just set out and we already stopped at our first dog park in CT for him to have a run and for us to have lunch!
We are heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL where we will spending the month of April. We some friends that live down there so it should be fun to visit with them and nice to stay in one campground for an entire month. We've never stayed more than a week or so in any one place before.
We are going to head south pretty fast as we only have about 10 days to get to FL by April 1st.

Did I mention dog parks? We found another near the Walmart we decided to stop at for the night. We drove 350 miles which is more than we usually do but we have to get someplace tomorrow for a reservation at a restaurant we wanted to eat in.