Friday, March 21, 2014

Chef and the Farmer

After another long day of driving (about 415 miles) we made it to Kinston NC which is a really small rural town. But it is our destination and the location of the restaurant we planned to eat at.

We had been watching a PBS show based on the story of the Chef who moved back to her hometome to open a restaurant. You can try to catch it on PBS or buy the DVD
Chef's Life: Season 1

The restaurant is called Chef and the Farmer, and it was great, we didn't take pictures of our food for once and just ate dinner and enjoyed it.

Kinston, NC doesn't have a Walmart or at least it wasn't too close by but the nice people at the restaurant said to just sleed in their parking lot that no one would care and that is what we did. It was a good idea because it will let us walk around and checkout the town a little in the morning.

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