Thursday, March 20, 2014

Time for another trip!

It is spring again finally and that means it is time for a trailer trip.

And now we have a new dog Tucker! We've only just set out and we already stopped at our first dog park in CT for him to have a run and for us to have lunch!
We are heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL where we will spending the month of April. We some friends that live down there so it should be fun to visit with them and nice to stay in one campground for an entire month. We've never stayed more than a week or so in any one place before.
We are going to head south pretty fast as we only have about 10 days to get to FL by April 1st.

Did I mention dog parks? We found another near the Walmart we decided to stop at for the night. We drove 350 miles which is more than we usually do but we have to get someplace tomorrow for a reservation at a restaurant we wanted to eat in.

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