Saturday, June 11, 2011

Southern New Jersey

As a kid I spent some time every summer in Seaside Heights, NJ. This was about 1/3 of the way down Jersey from where I grew up in NY. Cape May where we are camping is just about the southern most point in NJ, actually by the end of this trip I will have driven every single mile of the New Jersey Turnpike, kind of cool.

Although we only had 2 nights down here we tried to get in some fun in addition to getting to know the trailer.

The beaches down in Cape May were very nice, a 1/4 mile hike was rewarded with a nice quiet beach. The only sad thing was I didn't know it was dog friendly and left Maxwell back at the campground.

As a kid my family spent a lot time on the board walk at Seaside, that was too far but the boardwalk in Wildwood was even bigger.

I have to admit it was overwhelming actually, I thought I walked into MTV's Jersey Shore.

This part of the trip left me wondering what my parents were thinking bringing us to the boardwalk.

Also in Wildwood was a large Naval Airstation which was now a museum. It is the largest all wooden hanger in the USA.

The structure actually was pretty amazing. They also had a pretty good collection of planes.

We also watched some people competing in an acrobatics contest.

Here is a good shot showing the all wood beams and trusses.

You can also see a portion of the educational display (that funny plywood vaguely Space Shuttle thing).

The displays were mostly broken and at least 20 years out of date. Science museums often make me sad for this reason.

There was also a great wetlands area right near the coast. We saw a lot of birds and frogs and interesting plants. Not to mention a lot of bugs!

Of course I forgot to mention there was plenty of nature at our campground including a couple of snakes, chipmunks, and a turkey.

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