Thursday, June 9, 2011

Time to pick up the baby!

Finally time to pickup the trailer!

The trailer is at Colonial Airstream in Lakewood, NJ almost 300 miles away from home. Since that was a long drive we planned with the dealer to drive down and spend the first night in the trailer on the dealers lot.

They hid the keys in the propane tank housing, filled the fresh water tank with some water, and connected to the power. It was a really hot weekend so they left the AC cranked. We pulled into Lakewood pretty late, grabbed some Ben and Jerry's and got to the trailer about 11pm.

We enjoyed the ice cream, put away some stuff and checked out the trailer. After a good nights sleep Brian, our salesman, came knocking on the door at 9 AM. We had the first appointment of the day.

Brian spent the morning showing us all sorts of information about the trailer, there was a lot to take in having never had owner any kind of trailer before. While we learned about the trailer our tech Kevin go busy setting up our hitch. To have the best experience towing we had load balancing and anti-sway installed. It is a lot like this one:

Reese 66074 Strait-Line 1200 lbs. Trunnion Bar

Learning to hookup and disconnect the trailer from the truck was probably the most complicated thing we had to learn and kind of an important one. Specially when you are dealing with something a heavy as the trailer which is on wheels and can roll. We practiced this a couple times before moving on to a quick driving tutorial. Kevin was really patient tech and answered all the questions we had.

After that we were ready to hit the road! We had about an 85 mile drive to Jersey Shore Haven and all Airstream Campround near Cape May, NJ. Before we attempted that we drove a few miles to a local minor league baseball stadium with a big empty parking lot for some driving practice!

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