Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hopewell Rocks

We took a drive to Hopewell Rocks today. After a short walk you can see the rocks which are advertised as many different sensational things.
 Sometimes they are called the flow pot rocks because trees grow out of them like flow pots.

 It is also advertised as "Walking on the sea floor" (Which I mean any beach really is).  But this is much cooler since the really high tides form these crazy rock formations.
 We times our visit at low tide which is important as the only way to get down here and walk around is low tide.

If it was later we would need to kayak to visit the same spot and the water would be up much much higher.

The biggest arch you can kayak under at high tide but most of them we walked through would be under water.
That is the arch you can kayak under, however you still have to duck your head to get under it at high tide.

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