Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Saint Stephen, New Brunswick Canada

First stop over the border into Canada was Saint Stephen News Brunswick.

Here I tried and failed to buy an internet hotspot to keep connected while in Canada. The law requires a credit card with a canadian address.

So much for having reliable internet!
We really stopped to try and find the hotspot but ended up visiting The Chocolate Museum.

It was historically the Ganong Candy Factory which is a brand we've never heard of.

But during the tour you can eat as much choclate at you like and we did!
The had a lot of cool old machines but I have no idea what this one was or did.
Ganong choclates were hand-dipped and it took years to become a skilled dipper.  It didn't look too hard but she did move very fast.
We aren't staying here at the border in St Stepen so we are getting on the road to find our first candian campground.

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