Monday, July 18, 2016

Repair Failure

Perhaps the saddest most depressing more anger inducing photo I've ever put on the internet!

After months of being in the shop I picked up the trailer (200 mile round trip) and filled the tank only to have water immediately start leaking!  
In Addition the fresh water tank sensor always reads empty!

After a furious call to the shop they want me to bring it back in right away but we are leaving for a 10 day trip in 2 days and they can't say they will have it done in 2 days so we schedule a day after the trip is over.

This leads to me wanting the $1500+ charge reversed until the tank is fixed. The manager is adamant that without the trailer on their lot for the repair they will not reverse the charge. Fighting about this isn't exactly how I want to spend my 10 day camping trip.

Luckily we are heading to a full hookup site for the trip and not having a water tank won't be an issue.

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