Monday, September 5, 2016

Final Trip of 2016

Sad but it is our final trip of 2016. We are hanging out at home for the winter this year instead of travelling south.

This is just a short trip up to Maine for another friends wedding. The family has a compound on an island in Maine. Basically they have 4 or 5 houses owned by various members of the family right on the water.
The wedding is taking place right on the property and all the guests are staying in the various houses.  We brought our house with us and pulled up next to a barn where we could get some electricity.

Here is one of the docks on the properties. Having a family compound is pretty cool.

The groom's Dad took us on a boat tour around the island, not sure but Will was looking something up and telling us about it as we toured around.
On the day of the wedding we were split into teams and took part in a whole bunch of events. Everything including Dan and Diane Trivia, Competitive Jigsaw Puzzling, Pictionary, Three-legged race and of course the Tug of War!

It was a lot of fun.
Here goes the happy couple on the way to the Apple Orchard for the Ceremony.

Here is the happy couple dancing!

It was a fun weekend.  We took a nice walk around the island to keep Tucker entertained. Although he also liked to hangout by the main Tent and got a lot of attention from all the wedding guests.

But being the final trip for the season is always sad. Where we are currently storing the Trailer there is no easy access to the trailer, so we won't see it for a long time.

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