Sunday, August 28, 2016

Camel's Hump Hike.

You can't head to VT and not squeeze in a hike.  We did a little research and picked Camel's Hump it is a VT 4000 footer.

It also had the remnants of a 1944 plane crash. It isn't often you get to see something like this.

The wreckage is a bit off the trail and we almost missed it. Most of it has been removed but this large section of wing still remains. There is probably more in the woods if you know where to look.
The plane was a World War II, a B-27J Bomber plane that crashed during a training mission.
The hike itself was over 6 miles round trip and had a lot of elevation gain. And also a lot of big boulders.

It didn't disappoint and had a lot of amazing views.

Large boulders on the final ascent.
View from the top. All in all a great hike.

Someday I think we need to spend a few weeks in VT hiking, I haven't hiked their much.

I'd like to do the entire Long Trail which is about 210 miles and crosses the state from north to south.

VT's mini Appalachian Trail.

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