Friday, June 10, 2011

Jersey Shore Haven Campground

Turns out driving with a giant silver trailer behind your truck isn't really that hard. Having the proper tow vehicle, hitch and an Airstream all probably helps. Driving was one of the things I was most nervous about, but my brother (who also owns and Airstream) had assured me it wouldn't be a big deal. It was about 80 miles to Jersey Shore Haven which was a good length for the first drive.

Jersey Shore Haven is a relatively small campground, it is exclusively for Airstream Trailers. Most of the Trailers there were however there for the season. With the help of Keith one of the care-takers we didn't have too much trouble backing the trailer into a pretty tight site. Most of the non-seasonal sights were pretty small.

Here is a picture all setup and level, connected to shore power and water. 

Did I mention it was 103 degrees? Inside the trailer was even hotter. We had opened up all the windows and got it as cool as possible before closing it all back up and turning the AC on full blast. 

You couldn't be inside the trailer at this point so we took the dog for a walk around the campground and then went out shopping. 

We hit ever RV's favorite store Walmart, we picked up groceries and towels and cleaning supplies and just about everything else we could have needed in the trailer.

Here is an interior shot of the trailer, you can see the site was pretty small by how close a bunch of other trailers are. But really it didn't matter it was free and actually pretty quiet most of the time.

After shopping the trailer was finally cool enough to leave the dog inside and it was time for a relaxing dip in the campground pool. This was my first experience at a campground other than a backwoods campground, it was very different, the people were really friendly and interested to talk about the trailer and why we got one and what we had planned for it.

Airstream Log:  This trip 82 miles and 2 nights .  Lifetime 82 miles and 2 nights

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