Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our home for the month of April

After a few more days in GA we finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale where we will spending April.

Our campground which is mostly french canadians (Although it is 1/2 empty as the season is really over) is pretty nice. Considering how close it is to Fort Lauderdale. It has a nice pool and lots of palm trees.
 Also it is a 3 minute drive from the local dog park, and actually you can walk all the way there too (When it isn't too hot anyway).

It isn't the biggest dog park we've seen on this trip but it has a good amount of dogs coming and going.

It actually is across the street from a very nice wooded campground that it would be nice to stay in. It doesn't have pool or lots of amenities but it has a lot more shade and is more natural than where we are staying.

Here we are all settled in our spot for the month, on the plus side it is a corner lot and there are no sites on the other side of the road from us. On the negative it has no shade. As it turns out this ends up being a very hot April and we have a hard time keeping as cool as we would like to. 

More shade would have been nice but neighbors might have been more trouble than being a little warm.

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