Monday, May 5, 2014

A little bit of Georgia

On our way back north we stopped in Athens home of REM. At first we had a hard time finding a place to park the trailer but eventually found a good parking lot near town. Upon returning several other RVers had followed our lead and parked there too.

We took a nice walk around the town and the campus before leaving Tucker in the trailer to eat out. Followed by a short drive out of town to the nearest Walmart for overnighting.

Today we are heading to Asheville, NC to spend a fews days.

Along the drive we stopped at a Tallulah Falls State Park in Georgia. It was a short hike but the falls were really pretty.
We made it to Asheville with no problems except passing by "Goats on a Roof" without stopping to see the goats. Sadly it's location on a small twisty road made it impossible to turn the trailer around to stop.

We are staying on the river at Wilson's which is located on the river next to Carrier Park and short distance from this dog park. Tucker had a great time on his first visit of many to the park.

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