Tuesday, July 8, 2014

That Dutchman's Cheese Farm

Today's drive was only a bit over 150 miles not really long at all.

Still we like to break up the driving and see stuff whenever possible.

Today stop was That Dutchman's Cheese Farm.

 Obviously they make cheese here! And have lots of cheese and snacks to sample.
 It is also a working farm. You are free to roam the whole thing.
 It is also part animal park and general roadside attraction.

It was a little scary towing the trailer down the long road into the farm thinking we might not be able to easily turn around or get back out.  But it turned out fine although parking was tight.
Who doesn't love baby goats!

You can feed a lot of the animals and they come running when they hear the food dispenser.
 Not this guy he was trapped behind a gate.

We brought him some food too.
 Big Bird!
 Off a bit further on the property were some pigs.
 And a short hiking loop took us past these small but very furry cows.

They are Scottish Highland Cattle and pretty awesome at that.

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