Friday, July 29, 2016

Beltzville State Park, Lehighton PA

Tucker always needs his walks so we checked out Beltzville State Park which is right around the corner from Camp.

The walk we took was fairly long I think about 5 miles some of which went around a corn field.
There was a lot of morning dew and my feet soon became soaking wet, not problem in the warm weather.

This hike also sported a lot of raspberries and blackberries which were very tasty.

We only ate them along the way as they aren't as good to bake with as blueberries and we didn't have any containers to fill anyway.
The hike also had waterfalls and a lake to offer and eventually wound it's way up onto a little ridge covered with wildflowers and butterflies!

There must have been 4 or 5 kinds of a butterflies although I don't know any of their names except for the Monarch.
 A groovy black and blue one was fluttering about but all my pictures of it came out blurry. I never have my big camera around when I need it.

No trip to PA would be complete without a walk through Country Junction the self-proclaimed "largest" general store in America.

There is nothing you can't find here. From food to Bigfoot!
 Um and theses!
This is not the famous Cecil, just a regular non-famous stuffed lion.  Although I think it was the most expensive item at the store it was looking a little sad and dusty.

Pretty good week touring around eastern PA. Some of our friends arrive at camp today so that will be fun.

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