Saturday, March 25, 2017

Upgrades for this years travels.

Although the trailer is still off in storage I have been investigating making a few improvements before we leave in May for some travelling.

One thing I found in my browsing are these Marine Panel Mounts.  You can buy a mount with 1-4 holes and then mount various things in each hole.

Our Airstream still has a few old-school cigarette lighter type ports in which we stuff car chargers for phones and such. It looks sloppy and you never know if the chargers are using a little juice when they are just plugged in doing nothing.

I think I'd like to put at least two of these in. Probably a 3 mount by the TV with a on/off switch, USB Charger and a Voltage meter. And probably one by the dinette with just a switch and a charger.

I sold off my old Yamaha 2400 Watt generator, it was 6 years old and still ran perfectly but we really don't need the extra juice.  A 2000 Watt model will be a lot lighter at about 50 pounds instead of over 75.

Solar is another thing I'd like to add this year. We did a lot of off grid free camping out west on our trip last winter and we ran the generator for power when I am pretty sure we could get by with a small amount of solar.  I am leaning towards a portable setup but not sure yet.

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