Saturday, May 27, 2017

Asheville is about beer!

Friday night we met our friends Paul and Randy for some great Tacos and beer in the Riverarts District. Usually we camp near there on the river a few miles down from a dog park.

Turns out this campground is also near the other Dog Park which on other trips I've heard is actually nicer. But instead of walking there we have to drive.
It wasn't too busy but it is bigger and nicer than the other dog park. However it is also super muddy from all the rain they have had.

After Tucker-Time we did a little shopping at REI to use up Will's member cash and a 25% off coupon.

He got new hiking boots and I got some Superfeet Green Insoles which are amazing. Since getting them we've done a bunch of hikes and they really are amazing better than the ones that came in my hiking shoes.
Shopping left us thirsty so we hit town to checkout some new beer places we haven't tried yet.

This is Beufort he was awesome and only 10 months old.
We hit three beer places in all, downtown (Really the south slope area not proper downtown) was busier than we have ever seen it. Later we found there had been a beer fest and when it was over people just wandered around drinking more.
Finally we got really hungry and landed at Wicked Weed Brewing to have some dinner.

These stilt ladies were amazing walking around and interacting with people as if they where on 6 or 8 feet high stilts.

I have no idea how they do it.
There was a short wait for seat but there was no rush.

We didn't even have beer here just dinner and some diet cokes.

Food was excellent!

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