Sunday, May 14, 2017

Chargers installed

 In the over dinette storage I installed a switch and a voltage readout.

As you will see below I ended up buying another charger that included 2 charging ports AND a Voltage meter.

4.2A Dual Port USB Charger with Voltmeter

So I will likely replace this voltage meter with the original 2 port charger.

Here you can see the new Charger and Switch installed.  I didn't end up using the 4 port mount as there wasn't really enough room.

What I did end up doing was re-using the two holes that were already in the wall of the trailer. The TV power cord went into the top hole and came out the lower hole. They are only 4 inches away from each other so there was little point to running the cord in the wall.

In an amazing coincidence the holes for the cord were exactly the size needed to install the switch and chargers.  I tapped right into the power for that 12V port.

We are in the process of getting the trailer together to head out for the summer!  It has been too long since we were on the road.

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