Monday, July 24, 2017

Fossil Butte National Monument

Wall of fossils at Fossil Butte.

An ancient lake that spanned 4 different states once existed here. And it left behind more fossils than you could ever imagine.

 But even more fun than the National Monument was a fossil quarry on private land that we went to in search our own fossils!
 We spent a good half day splitting rocks open and finding fish fossils.

There is a small chance you find other things like leaves, shrimp or even turtles.
That was our pile of mine tailings.
 And this was the cliffside where we were splitting off of.

The owner was great and kept checking on us making sure we were finding stuff and having a good time.
 When you are finished they let you use some saws to cleanup the rocks containing your fossils.
We found dozens of intact fish and hundreds of fish where we had cut them in half.  And that was just in a half day.  Looking at this hill there are millions and millions of fossils waiting for people to split open.

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