Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canyon of the Ancients

Down the road is some BLM Land called Canyon of the Ancients.  It is a big park with dirt roads and trails that you can freely explore.

We decided to take Tucker for a hike there. Inside of Mesa Verde itself they don't really have hiking trails, I am not sure why.
 The terrain was pretty cool and the best part is you just "discover" small Mesa Verde like cliff dwellings.

Also there were really cool lizards!
 The rocks are pretty cool too.

But there is very little cover, and even know we started the hike pretty early it is starting to get warm.
 The scale of the ruins are smaller but it is really fun to come around a point and see this.

They don't map out in the park info the locations of any of the ruins so it is always a surprise.

 More lizards, they seem to really like to hangout in the rocks holding up the trail markers.

One of the bigger ruins we found during the hike.

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