Monday, May 2, 2011

A Quick Start

For a long time we've talked about getting an Airstream. I think we've been to a dozen RV shows over the years and checked out all the different brands, every time coming to the conclusion that no other brand was worth it. Actually no other brand produced a trailer that wasn't hideously ugly.

I started checking out trailers sometime in February checking out all the dealers online and finding trailers that matched what I wanted. A new dealer in my local area actually opened this past October, unfortunately they had a very limited inventory. It was good to go there and see several of the latest trailers in person, it really helped in making some decisions about the size, features and colors.

Countless hours, emails, and phone calls followed over the next few months, attempting to find the best deal. I am not exactly sure what pushed me over the edge but I went and put a deposit on a trailer in NJ. It is a brand new 25 ft Airstream Flying Cloud with the "Mica" interior and a few upgrades. 

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