Saturday, May 7, 2011

Truck Search Begins

Here is the problem... I have a deposit in on 25 foot Airstream Trailer but my current vehicle is a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Clearly this isn't going to pull the 7000+ pound trailer.

My Fusion is about a year and half old and has been a great car, it is comfortable and gets great mileage, 40+ mpg in the summer and about 35+ mpg in the winter for a 70/30 mix of city/highway driving. Any truck I buy isn't going to come close to this. Lucky for me the bad economy has the used car market really hot combined with high gas prices should result in a pretty good trade in value for the Fusion.

Right now I'm thinking about a 2011 Ford F150, I had a Ford Escape for 7 years before the Fusion and I loved it so I will probably like the F150. Actually I almost bought a F150 instead of the Fusion, in the end I decided I didn't need the truck yet so I got the Fusion. To tow the 7000+ pound Airstream I need to find a F150 with what Ford calls the "Max Tow Package" which are pretty rare here in New England. I could probably squeak by with the regular tow package and the trailer brake controller but I think finding a Max Tow Package is worth a little extra effort.

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