Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rock River, VT

Woke up to a very dew covered trailer, made some coffee and took a nice walk around the campground. Not too many people were up and about and it was nice and quiet.

The were a couple other Airstreams at the park, both large older models that looked like they hadn't moved in years. Plus a lot of flatbed type "trailers" as well.

After breakfast we packed up some sandwiches and headed out to Rock River to spend the day swimming and hanging out in the river. Normally when we come up it is a long day trip. Much nicer to know the comfort of our trailer is just 10 minutes away. Ran into some friend at the River and made plans to meet one of them for dinner at the Marina, a place we always wanted to try but never had enough time a day trip. Dinner was great, specially the company, the view and the beer.

We have officially slept an entire week (OK not at once) in the trailer.

Airstream Log: This trip 126 miles and 1 nights . Lifetime 1148 miles and 7 nights

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