Friday, March 30, 2012

A DIY Dimmer for the Airstream

One thing that drives me nuts in my 25 Foot Flying Cloud is the main set of lights that run up and down the trailer. They are LED lights and boy are they bright! Airstream figured this out and added a dimmer in the 2012 model but I have a 2011.

I am a pretty handy guy so I found this PWM dimmer on Amazon, I haven't tried it out yet as it has been too cold to work on the trailer. But the weather is getting better so soon I'll head up to the storage lot where the trailer is parked and try to install this.

For a first pass I am going to probably just leave the switch inside the kitchen base cabinet behind where the on / off switch is. Once I get a good setting I am hoping I don't have to adjust it too often. While I am working on I will investigate if there is anyway to mount it through the cabinet without it looking too bad.

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