Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Less than 3 weeks to go!

It is hard to believe we will be leaving for Alaska in under 3 weeks! We had already figured on taking the trip as far back as last Thanksgiving and finalized the idea this Christmas so that was a long time to wait.

Preparing for the trip has been stressful, although mostly it is non-trip related things that are causing the most problems. These final weeks of work are finally starting to feel like final weeks. I think from the trailer, truck, equipment point of view we will be fine. Although I still need a rain jacket as I can't find mine. I haven't seen it in years so I could have lost it during one or two moves.

Renting out the beach condo is turning out to be the most painful. The renter I had lined up has been so flaky, and as of today has basically failed to honor the contract we signed. Sadly I let him talk me down on the deposit so if it doesn't work out I won't have much to show for it. He swears he still wants the place but refuses to meet the terms I gave him as options after he missed today's deadline. I have been so accommodating to this guy, I get screwed anytime I am nice to someone.

My brother and his wife are already several days into their journey. I chatted with Maureen today and they seem to be driving too much. We have a tentative date to meet in Edmonton AB in the middle of June. I think we are going to go fast through MA and NY and try to make sure we have more free time places we haven't been before!

The next few weeks promise to be crazy busy, stressful but all in all amazingly exciting.

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