Friday, March 4, 2016

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park was the first National Park. The Springs were so valued for their healing properties that it was set aside in 1832 as the first protected natural resource.
 Many of the outlets for the hot water are covered by protective locked boxes but this one still cascades down the hill.
Bathhouse row is wonderfully preserved original recreational bathhouses. Two still operate as spas and one is a museum which is setup with all the original equipment.

We took the tour and before medicine really existed people had some strange ideas about things that would heal them.
This large hospital building was setup for the Army and Navy as a place to recuperate

 The old buildings are really amazing and in great condition.
With lots of details, landscaping and fountains.
Very cool dome, we also got to view it from above as we walked the promenade that was higher up the hill.
In another first this is the only National Park with a Brewery in the Park.

The beer was delicious!

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