Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Limping towards home

So at this point we are basically limping home. It has been a very eventful trip if you call things breaking eventful.

We have had a broken fridge door, a flood, a broken water tank and we lost our inverter as well. And a black tank valve that doesn't seal currently sporting an extra black tank flushing adapter which adds it's own valve to keep the "stuff" from leaking out.

 So we are kind of roughing it. We still can manage OK with all these problems. We stopped in for a Walmart overnight near the Devil's Backbone Brewery in VA.  We had to buy bottles of water to drink and gingerly handle the fridge which is being held together by hinge made of packing tape.
We still were able to enjoy a little TV and make smoothies thanks to a little inverter I keep in my truck. I have had this even before the trailer and I was glad I kept it around.

We kind of power-limped up the east coast without much touring around just to get home.  We did stop in New City to visit the family and of course stopped into Rockland Bakery for some bread.

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