Monday, May 22, 2017

A few days in Lancaster

We are spending a few days in Lancaster to visit my brothers, one lives here and the other lives nearby in Maryland.

We did a long 10 mile walk along a rail trail to this dam with my brother Al.
It was very flat but 10 miles is a long walk specially when we were all getting hungry and we were only 1/2 way done.

The river is very wide and we are pretty high above it for most of the walk. The rail trail we are on is above another rail line that is still in use.

Rock climbing is a popular way to enjoy the cliffs that flank the river.

There were many groups of climbers preparing to climb but it seems like a slow and difficult process.

We did see a couple people actually climbing up the cliffs eventually.
After the walk we went and gorged ourselves on some philly cheese steaks they tasted really good considering we didn't get lunch till near 3pm!

Lancaster is full of Amish and Menonites so horse and buggies are a common sight as are cows and horses. Our campground has cows!

BTW you don't get used to smell in a 3 days.

We took a drive down to my brother Mikes house and hungout and BBQ'd.

His kids were surprising calm from an exciting weekend of sports competitions and a school dance.

It was great to get and see everyone on the way out on our trip.

Out hookups in the campground was blessed with 3 beautiful robin's eggs. At first we thought it was fake but we did see the momma bird sitting the nest.  We tried not to disturb it when un-hooking.

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