Friday, May 26, 2017

Heading South (With a few more hiccups)

After visiting my brothers we setoff to Durham NC to visit my friend Karen.  We picked out a nice state park on a lake about 30 minutes from her place and set off.

Once again things didn't go too swimmingly and we heard more metalic noises on the drive. Eventually when we could we found a nice place to pull over and noticed the remaining 2 water tank straps were dangling. One was still intact the other had broken.  We pulled the trailer into an empty office park and I removed them both putting the bolts back and made sure the water tank was empty!

Anyway we met Karen out for her birthday at a pub with some more of her friends and we had a great time. We hadn't hungout in a long time.
Oh did I mention during the rest of the strapless drive I did my best to try and get an appointment for repairs or to find out if I could get the parts I needed with no success. One promising place suggested I just go to a metal shop and have them make the parts. I did call some before we got to Durham and one did return my call and ended up making the parts I needed in half an hour for 80$.
The rest of that day we walked around Duke and made plans to hangout at Karen's with takeout.  We ended up getting delicious pizza and having a fun evening.
After that we got on the road to Asheville, NC on the way there we stopped at the RV Airstream dealer who suggested we have the part made. They said they couldn't see us for weeks but I pleaded my case IN PERSON and they agreed to see us but not till the next week so we made the appointment and just continued to Asheville.
Being that it was Memorial Day we were worried we wouldn't find camping in Asheville so we called ahead and got a lot of no's. Not that we stopped heading there....eventually we got one yes from a place we haven't stayed at before.  It turned out good enough. Our friends from Greensboro also found a cancellation at another park so we get to meetup in Asheville.

These pictures are from a hike up to Looking Glass Rock a big out of place giant stone outcropping in the Pisgah National Forest. It was a nice hike and Tucker was really looking photogenic.

After the hike we stopped in super cute Brevard where they have white squirrels. We didn't see any even with Tucker the Squirrel expert on duty. You can see a cute metal cutout of one on the traffic lights.

We got iced coffee and brownies before heading home (to the trailer) to relax.

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