Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On to Colfax, NC

From NY we stopped a night at a Walmart in Lancaster PA to visit my brother and his wife.  And then on to another Walmart in VA.

 The drive wasn't too long so we had plenty of time to checkout a local brewery for some outdoor beers.

It is amazing but just a couple days of driving really gets you from so so weather to much nicer weather.

Our next destination was High Point NC.  Luckily we have some friends down here so we can "camp" in their yard and visit with them for a few days while the trailer gets worked on.
Tucker is loving it as Maggie (above) and Hannah (left) have a great fenced in back yard to play in.

The trailers braked checked out good and some other little things got fixed.

  • Extra Stinky Slinky holder added
  • Battery Tie down replaced
  • Door latch fixed
  • Broken battery connectors replaced
  • 6 way plug replaced.
I forget there were a couple other things fixed as well as a brief discussion of the cost to get a bigger AC and replacing the Convection Micro with a real propane oven/stove combo.  They didn't really tell me anything other than the price of the actual parts which doesn't really help if the installation costs a lot.

The repairs took 2 days but really I think they could have been done in 1. The price was very reasonable as it didn't really include 2 days of labor.

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