Friday, April 13, 2018

We're off on a short repair trip!

Time to get the trailer on the road for it's first journey of 2018!

The main purpose is to stop at Out Of Door Marts to get the brakes inspected and some other repairs.

OODM impressed us when we stuck on the road with our botched Water tank replacement so they earned our business.
 It feels good to be back on the road. We totally motored home from our last journey but that turned out to be a blessing as we had a water leak at home less than week after getting back.

Had we not we would have come home to a huge mess.
 Fist stop was at my parents place in NY. For a change we backed into the side yard.

This was much quieter than when we park on the front lawn. And close enough to an outlet to plug in.

We took a long walk around the neighborhood and Tucker went bonkers for this little guy.  I think he almost broke the leash.

Can you see him about to crawl and hide under the shed.

As always we look forward to getting out of the croweded fast roads of the New England and Tri-state area. Towing is always more relaxing once we do.


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