Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Journey Begins

After many months of planning and looking forward to the our Alaska trip the day was finally here.

A few days before departing we managed to bring the trailer to our house to start the finally packing.

Today we worked all morning packing before we finally disconnected the trail from the power and did a final inspection and head off.

We planned on this first day being mostly driving, as we had been through this area of NY last fall in the trailer.

We covered some good distance and then took a couple breaks along the way. The traffic was very light and we made pretty good time.

The timing worked out very good and we ended up passing through Syracuse at dinner time and revisited The Dinosaur BBQ for dinner.

Luckily the weather was cool enough to leave Maxwell in the truck eating his dinner while we ate ours.

Plus we licked out with a great parking spot for the trailer which in a city is no easy feat. Luck for us the restaurant is in a quiet part of town

We haven't really seen anything in Syracuse except the Dinosaur so we took a little walk around some of the nearby buildings.

We enjoyed a beer in the outside patio area while we waited a bit for a table.

The BBQ was great again, if you are ever in the area check it out.

We are trying to be healthy so we didn't have apps or dessert.  But you should have the Fried Green Tomatoes if you go!

Driving all day we planned to stay the first night in a Walmart parking lot.

The local Syracuse Walmarts were both off limits to RVers so we drove another 45 minutes to Auburn, NY and tucked in for the night. No other RVs were there but we shared the lot with a trucker who was staying there.

Overall we covered 342 Miles used an astonishing 35 gallons of gas for terrible 9.7 mpg average. We were doing almost 65 the entire day and it was kind of hilly. Usually we do a little better on MPGs but with a fully loaded trailer and the bikes who knows.

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