Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mt Mansell (More Hiking)

As it turned out a friend from Boston was also up in Acadia. His family has a house up there and he knows the island like the back of his hand.

We let him pick a hike and he picked Mt Mansell. It was a good hike right along Long Pond.
It was a pretty clear day and you could see down to various harbors around the island. There were some low clouds but they really added to the view.

For July it wasn't really very hot or humid making it a very comfortable day for hiking.

I spotted a snake attempting to eat a frog which was puffing up and fighting for its life. I'll spare you the blurry pictures...

As and added bonus Long Pond was a great place to go swimming. And after a hike to the peak and back we needed a little cooling off.

We had a snack and swam from a big rock, not the one in this picture, this was actually across the pond from where we swam. The water was kind of freezing but you got used to it.

No hike would be complete without some ice cream after. We hit our favorite Ice Cream place in town for the third time! We also walked around town a bit but after two long hikes in a row our legs were a bit tired.

Airstream Log: This trip 248 miles and 3 nights . Lifetime 774 miles and 6 nights

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