Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another adventure begins

After such a long trip last summer to Alaska we thought we would do a shorter trip this spring. With both of us working part time we plan on working a bit on the road and travel at the same time.  Yet to be seen if we can pull that off.

With the trailer pulled into the driveway just a week prior to our departure time we filled her back up with all the stuff we had cleaned out earlier.

Amazingly we backed it into the driveway without much problem on a quiet sunday morning.
From Malden we just drive about 210 miles to my parents house in New City, NY. After a little mishap almost not being able to make a loop through the neighboring dentists office we managed to get around the parking lot and pull up onto the lawn where would spend the night.

It is always fun to see the trailer parked in front of the house, for some reason it looks really big on the lawn!

My parents took us out for some delicious Sushi and we just hungout checking out my mom's new kitchen.
This bike was my brother's when he was in high school. It wasn't a great bike or anything, but it has been hanging in my dad's garage for I think 30+ years now!

We joked about this at some point on the Alaska trip so I figured I'd take a picture.

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