Monday, April 22, 2013

Hiking Time!

After a hearty breakfast of eggs with jalepenos and cheese with sausage we drove back to the Skyline Drive to do a 6.5 mile hike to some waterfalls.

It was a pretty nice day for a hike, not too warm not too cold and with plenty of sun.

The monarchs were out everywhere!
The hike seemed backwards because on Skyline Drive you are already at the top of the mountain. So you hike down to things then back up to the road.

This was the first of the 3 waterfalls.

This is actually the 3rd waterfall where we ate lunch after about 4 miles of hiking.

It was a nice spot for lunch and we were hungry!
We spotted this device attached to a tree. I think maybe the bigfoot hunting show might be in the area hunting the Sasquatch!  We didn't see him.

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