Sunday, April 28, 2013

Asheville, NC

After a lesurely breakfast we were back on the road to Asheville, NC. It wasn't going to be a long day which is nice.

About 2/3 of the way we stopped at a nice state park for lunch. It was a man made lake and we took a brief walk around before finishing the last 30 miles of driving.

We opted to camp right in town at Wilson's RV park. My brother said we had to stay at Mama Gerties but is seemed to far away.
Wilson's turns out is much nicer than I expected. It is right on the river and is clean and had concrete pads (later this will seem very important!).

We are expecting sad weather so we un-hitch and get setup quickly and jump right on our bikes (Wilson's is on the bike trail too) and head downtown. It isn't a long ride and we are walking around downtown enjoying an Iced Coffee and checking out a few bookstores.  At one we score 4 Agatha Christie books for a total of $2.10 what a bargain.
After our bargain hunt we rode back to the campground and grilled up some sausages for dinner. With the leftover coals and some bits of pieces of wood I found we had a little campfire and enjoyed the last bits of good weather.

From then on it has been raining if not pouring for the last few days. Saturday morning is wasn't too bad and I walked to the farmers market while Will did some work.
Lucky me for me Will came and picked me up and brought me lunch because the heavens opened up and the 2 mile walk would have left me very crankey.

We puttered around the camper the rest of the day watching a little TV and on the internet.

I did a little work as well.
In the evening we hit Bouchon a french restaurante we had eaten in years ago.

It was delicios as always although the prices were a bit higher than last time.

We also went out for some beers after.
It rained and rained and rained some more.. you can see how much water there is. We are really happy to be camped on a concrete slab it helps keep the trailer much cleaner.

Today we are doing some laundry and I am updating the blog.  After we finish the laundry I think a coffee and snack is in order to birghten up the dreary wet day.

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  1. We live near Asheville and love it. Wilson's is great, though we have never stayed there. Dan and Marlene of stayed there last fall. If it weren't for the Interstate noise it would be perfect.