Friday, February 12, 2016

Rodeo in Phoenix

After a few days in a private campground in Pheonix and a visit with my college friend Chris and his family we have moved to a temporary campground at the Rodeo grounds. They installed a generator and some 30/50 amp plugs around a field and it is pretty convenient.  This is Bonnie!
 Series of Presidential Bad-ass T-shirts on offer at the Rodeo vendor market.
We watched a bunch of events one day at the rodeo it was a pretty nice day for it.
 Having never been on a horse in my life I am always amazed at horses.
A few years ago we watched out friend Dr Tom try our Chute Dogging for his first ever rodeo and he managed to succeed.

This time a different friend Rhode Island Tom competed in the same event.
 He also succeeded but his time wasn't good enough to "buckle". We've seen RI Tom in the rodeo before but only in some other events.
We participated in a much less dangerous competition... a pie eating content.

It was a chocolate cream pie. We had a pretty decent sized dinner which would have skipped had we known we were going to be roped into the pie contest,
 The contestants are ready!
This is Bryan and Matt from Michigan, aka Bonnie's Dads...they were roped in with us.
Matt ended up winning the pie eating contest.... he was an animal... he didn't finish the entire pie in the 3 and half minutes but he ate the most of anyone about 3/4 of the entire pie.

He kind of cheated as we had googled how to win and he ran back to his camper for double stick tape to secure his pie to the table making it easier to eat....

That probably did help since you can't use your hands but his eating skills were also tremendous.

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