Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seminole Canyon State Park

Since we retracing some of our steps we only spent 1 night at a Walmart in Las Cruces and then a night in Marfa, TX where we didn't see the famous "lights".

Then we pushed on to Seminole Canyon State Park in TX a park on the Rio Grande.
 Will did some work while I took a hike around the rim of the Canyon.
 The hike followed the canyon rim which was little like walking along a fractal.

Fossils are even better than petroglyphs and this was cool example of some sea creature and a fully 3D fossil of a sponge.
 The park is pretty nice. We spent a couple of nights here because the weather was pretty crappy for one of them.
Native Americans lived he in past and I was on the lookout for my elusive arrow head.
 Down in this cave there were pictographs but you could only go visit them by a special boat tour.

The Rio Grande which we hung out near on a number of occasions on this trip.

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