Friday, August 11, 2017

Glacier National Park Part 2

While here in glacier we took the Red Bus Tour, drove the park road and also took a boat tour.  All were a lot of fun.

Today we did another longish hike up to Iceberg Lake.

 The lake is up there somewhere.
 The hike to the lake is very popular. From this hike you also see a waterfall and have the option to hike up some more to a tunnel through the mountains used to allow people travelling through the on horses.
 Earlier people had seen moose and bear off this trail but we never spotted either one.

 In the picture above you can see the actual Iceberg Lake. It was really neat and some people even were crazy enough to take a dip in the lake.

At the bottom we finally spied a bear!

 Not as much fun to see in a parking lot but at least we got to see this little guy.

And lucky for use we never saw his mom.
 We also took a drive across the border into Canada to visit their portion of the park.
 We saw another bear along the road!

 At their portion we stopped at the Prince of Whales Hotel.  They do high tea here but we didn't partake.

We did buy some Maple Cookies!

They also have a big lake which is the namesake of the park. Waterton Lake!
Waffles sounded great but we didn't have any.

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