Monday, August 14, 2017

On to Helena MT

Along the way we stopped at Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument. At the monument visitor center we got some info on the local BLM camping.
 The Breaks are big we are only going to checkout a small portion of the monument and also the Town of Fort Benton where we grabbed coffee and checked out a few museums.
Big catfish like fish in the river at Fort Benton.

After checking out town we found our free BLM campsite.  It was right on the river and in the middle of nowhere.

There were a couple other campers too.
 Nowhere was good place to be because there was a meteor shower peak that night.
 With some experimenting I got a few good pictures.
 Had I been less lazy I could have got slightly better shots using my tiny tripod and shutter remote.

Next time!

The next day we got to Helena MT and scored a great site at the local Fair Grounds.  We were the only campers!

We hiked Mt Helena which is right next to downtown and was a great hike. Tucker chased a deer all over.

Helena is a great town with barely any tourist element which is awesome.

We had a great lunch in town and these snacks after our hike.

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