Saturday, September 3, 2011

Groceries and Dinosaurs

Waking up in a Walmart parking is a bit surreal, you wouldn't believe all the activity that goes on overnight in one of those parking lots, even here in no where NY. We started the day shopping at Walmart and got our groceries and a few more things for the trailer and set off for the NY's Finger Lakes.

Although sleeping in a Walmart doesn't seem like a great way to spend the night it really helped pack more fun into the trip. Driving straight through to our 1st paying campsite would have been too long a drive to do in one shot and would have eaten up all of one day.

Using the Walmart mean this first full day of the trip only had a short drive leaving more time for fun. And of course it doesn't cost anything so it all works out.

Plus it helped with the timing, we were passing through Syracuse at just the right time to stop for lunch at the Dinosaur, an amazing BBQ place.

We got pretty lucky too that the Dinosaur was in a quiet part of the city with plenty of big wide empty street parking for the trailer.

The BBQ at the dinosaur was really good. Totally worth the stop!

Back to the driving!

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