Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seneca to Niagara

After our hike yesterday we got back to the trailer and got cleaned up. The rain has mostly dried up and the sun was peaking out a bit.

We checked out a winery down the road for a tasting. I am not a wine guy and I am writing this way after the actual trip so I can't remember what we drank.

Nearby the winery we stop at dairy farm to hit their cheese store. Yum!

The next day we pack up and are happy to be leaving the sad campground. Since the holiday weekend is basically over it got real quiet (which was nice).

On our way out of the Finger Lakes we stop end of Lake Senaca to take a walk and eat some lunch.

I am glad the holiday is over because the park is free and empty so we have plenty of room to park the trailer.

Again it is so nice to have your home with you all the time. After a few mile walk we come back and make lunch and have a bathroom and can relax.

So much more comfortable than travelling from hotel to hotel.

After a few hours drive we get to our campground in Niagara. It isn't exactly what you think of when you think campground but it is nice. The location is very convenient to the Niagara Falls and the campground itself is nice even if it is right on a major road.

The property is surrounded by trees and it isn't too big or too crowded. We basically don't have any neighbors for 5 or 6 sites in either direction.

We get setup pretty quickly and get the dogs fed and then head out for dinner.

We drive into Buffalo to get Buffalo Wings of course. The Anchor bar is our choice and it claims to be the home of the Buffalo Wings.

They are really good and we have a great meal and beer.

We hit a few local bars new the Anchor  and sadly end up watching Cupcake Wars at one of them.  Actually I have never seen the show before it is kind of ridiculous.