Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Niagara Falls...

When we decided to do one last long trip before putting the trailer away for the winter we had to pick where to go. We wanted to go farther than we had before and see something we hadn't seen. So Maine was out and driving back through Jersey was out so we choose Niagara Falls as the destination.

We had been warned by some people we would be underwhelmed but we had a great time. We actually avoided a lot of touristy stuff at the falls which I think helped.

Often we do a lot of "different" touristy things like these first two picture show a  visit to the main American Hydro Power plant. Above on the right side of  the river is the american plant and the left side is the main Canadian plant.

It was pretty cool to see and had a small and empty museum. Many of the displays were sad and old or silly but they had a great movie about the history if hydro power in Niagara. And of course this cool diorama of how it all works.

 At the falls is a nice park for hiking around and we did all the trails, seeing the various falls from all different sides.

This picture is down at "Cave of the Winds" you get right to (But can no longer walk behind) the falls, you really feel the power of the water. And get to wear a silly yellow poncho, which practically disintegrates by the end of the tour it is so thin. It almost keeps you dry.

This is a picture take from the Maid of the Mist boat tour, which is really cool. Not only do you get a blue poncho (Much higher quality than the yellow ones) but you get really close to the falls. After the boat tour you can do a short walk along the falls as well.

Blue Ponchos everywhere!

I think the boat goes full power just to prevent being swept back from the power of the rushing water.

Those are the Canadian Falls, we never made it over to the Canadian side of the falls, I think it is mostly flashing signs and touristy stuff and we didn't think it was worth the trouble of crossing over.

These are the American Falls viewed from the observation tower that has the elevator down to the Maid of the Mist boat tour.

We had great weather and really no crowds at all which is nice.

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