Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to Walmart (NY Trip Day 0)

With the camping season soon coming to a close we decided we needed to take longer trip. After checking into a few different directions we could go we decided to head west to Niagara Falls, NY via the Finger Lakes.

Since this will be our first longer trip (planned for 7 nights), we packed a bunch more stuff. Although really it wasn't a lot of stuff.

Our bikes we the big addition to the pickup truck bed as were more clothes and some additional kitchen stuff.

Here are the boys in the back seat of the truck, Maxwell our dog looking left in this picture was lucky enough to bring a friend along on the trip.

Gus is a big goofy dog and he was happy to be going on such a fun trip.

The two are kind of a pair of grumpy old men.

In order to maximize the time we had for the trip we left after work.

Our first destination was this lovely Walmart in Herkimer, NY. This would be out first Boondocking. Boondocking is basically free camping, normally you don't get any hookups or amenities but the price is right.

Many Walmart stores welcome RVers to stay overnight in their parking lots. We found this one which was about 275 miles on the way to our first paying campground.

It was a chilly night and we used out furnace for the first time all operating on the freshly charged batteries from the drive. There were a few other RVs in the lot and we found a nice spot to park off to the side.

Airstream Log: This trip 277 miles and 0 nights . Lifetime 1551 miles and 9 nights

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