Saturday, September 8, 2012

Billings MT

The route we are taking through Montana is very scenic. We choose a smaller road over the interstate so we could see some nice things and not deal with fast traffic.

Eventually we got to Billings and drove out to see Pictograph Cave State Park.

It was a small park and we took Max out for a walk around it.
The excavated a couple of caves here finding hundreds of thousand of artifacts.

There are/were pictographs in one cave but the cave is in pretty sad shape and they have faded or even fallen down.
Some of the visible red paintings. There is a panel showing all the painting we can't see anymore that is a composite of many old historical photographs.

Only the red pictures are really visible. There are some other vague colors we can see but we would never had seen them without the panel.

Below is a picture of the cave where the pictographs were done.

We are staying in a campground tonight and it is pretty nice right next to downtown and on the river. It is pretty crowded considering it is late in the season.

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