Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One more day to kill and repairs.

With one more day to kill before repairs we jumped int he car and went down to Columbus OH.

The city is amazing clean and pretty, we got there just in time for some lunch and had Buffalo burgers which were delicious.

After that we basically walked all around the city for 3 hours.  It was good to get a lot of walking in as we haven't been hiking or getting much exercise on the way home.

Finally it was repair day! They make it pretty easy you wake up early at at 7 AM they tow your trailer into the service bay. After spending 20 minutes talking through all the issues with the technician he gets to work!  The factory waiting room is really nice with working WiFi and other interesting Airstream owners also getting work done.

There is one very loud and obnoxious lawyer who doesn't stop talking to take a breath. We manage to avoid talking to him which is nothing short of a miracle.  At lunchtime we realize we didn't pull our any food for today so we walk to the ONE place to eat in Jackson Center a Subway. We could have eaten at the gas station too but we had a donut from there for breakfast.

After lunch we took the Factory tour which was awesome. A trailer takes 9 days to build and we get to walk through the whole factory. You get to see all the machines and even get in trailers while people are building them. Very cool to see the innards of the beast.  As factory tours go it is better than most because you get so hands on with process instead of being behind glass walls or something like that.

After the tour we spend some more time in the waiting room and out technician comes out and sadly he didn't finish everything up. So we have one more day in OH.  Our trailer is towed back to our campsite and we relax for the evening and in the morning repeat the process.  Except today we drive to a Bob Evans for breakfast and I get biscuits and gravy, YUM!.

By the afternoon our trailer is done! Yahoo! We had to wait till 1:30 to complete the paper work but with that done we are free to keep moving.  The girl behind the counter asks if we are heading out today and I say yes we are eager to get moving. She makes a joke that we look like we could drive after 3pm unlike most of the other customers. She is probably right.

Back on the road by 2 we are heading for a Walmart somewhere in western PA.. Wahoo!

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