Saturday, September 15, 2012

On to Chicago

Driving into Chicago was probably the most congested traffic road we've done with the trailer. At least the traffic made for a nice slow trip, wizzing down the highways here at full speed would probably not have been fun.

We found the Lakeside Center Truck Marshaling Yard with no problem. Here big trucks for conventions come park and wait their turn to drive to the convention center to unload or load.  For $21 a night we can "camp" here. That is awesome as it is downtown and the nearest campground is over 45 miles away.  
Our one goal was to eat here at Frontera Grill, Rick Bayless's restaurant. They don't really take reservations so we just get there when they open at 5 and there are 100 people waiting at the door.  They say it will be 1.5 hours which is fine I didn't really want to eat a 5pm even if we did have a skimpy lunch so we could eat more at dinner.
After a little walk around the restaurant we settle in at the bar for a few drinks.

Our table is ready in an hour and we have a great meal. We did end up eating a bit too much including a dessert each instead of our normal splitting of one.
Here is a picture of the trailer in the truck yard, actually we are at the very end of it out of the way. You can see the convention center behind us. During the early evening there were a lot of people coming and going but at night is was dead quiet except for the security van that patrols the parking log.

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