Friday, April 19, 2013

A quck stop in Winchester VA

We stopped at a truck stop to get some gas and eat some lunch. This magazine chronicals all the must have's for decorating the cab of your big rig.

It wasn't an exciting place to stop but we walked the perimeter of the truck stop and the other truck stop next to it, just to stretch out legs.

Being in the NY, NJ PA area the roads as still pretty busy, we look forward to getting farther out there.
Lovely place for a walk isnt it.

Our desitination for the day was Winchester VA. We got there and drove to the local Camping World store to pickup a few things we needed.  It was pouring and I mean pouring rain.  Right next store was a "Gander Mountain" outdoor store so we checked that out too.

With just a one night stay we weren't going to bother with a campground and instead were opting for a Walmart parking lot.
Before heading to the Walmart we parked in the parking lot of a Taphouse Movie theater and made our first in-trailer dinner, after which we went to Oblivion which was pretty but blah.

After that we finally made our way to the local Walmart and called it a night.
There is nothing like starting the day at Walmart!

It was a very quiet Walmart camping wise and there were a few other RVs parked there with us.

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