Saturday, January 23, 2016

More Palm Springs

With another very clear day we decided it was a good idea to take the tram up the mountain.

We've both take the tram before but now the new tram is much nicer.

The entire tram rotates a couple times as you ascend so you get a view in all directrions.
 I agree!
 A view down to Palm Springs.
Being it is the winter there is too much snow to really hike to Mt San Jacinto.

People from Palm Springs who act like they have never seen snow are sleeding and having snowball fights at the top of the tram.

 You can see the windmills and the square of green in the middle is actually the campground we are staying it.

Until you are right there it is very hard to see the tram wires.
After the tram ride we checked out a winter league baseball game.

The league here seems to be a little less skilled than the Cape Code summer league.

It may be more of a developmental league for hopeful players.

It was a good way to spend the afternoon either way.

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